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Reviews of Eventide Lullabye:

“The bright, clear sounds of the harp and hammered dulcimer (and occasional vocals and other instruments) lend gentleness and grace to favorite Christmas hymns as well as a few originals.”
Catholic Digest

“beautiful,” “haunting yet sweet, with a few unexpected twists.”
Musicmaker’s Magazine

“This is the CD for mom to listen to as she grabs a moment to recover from a day of seasonal activity. . . . If you aren’t familiar with the haunting, harp-like beauty of the hammered dulcimer, here is a good place to start. . . .‘Seasons’ is a Catholic sibling act you don’t want to miss.”
Faith and Family Magazine

“I found the original pieces, “Eventide Lullaby” and “Listen to the Angels” hauntingly beautiful. . . . At a time when we all yearn for peace and calm in this crazy, hectic world, you only need to plug this CD into your player and find yourself being lulled to that very place. . . . This CD has that beauty that would touch every soul. I look forward to hearing more from Seasons.”
Grapevine Online

Reviews of Which Way to Dublin Town :

"Three young siblings make up this Ohio band, whose worshipful tunes blend a healthy serving of Celtic with a touch of bluegrass. Anchored by two harps and a hammered dulcimer, and sprinkled with mandolin, fiddle, and Irish flute, Seasons brings a lovely mix of instrumental (ranging from sprightly jigs to contemplative lullabies) and vocal arrangements to these 17 outstanding tracks."
Christianity Today

"Despite being only three in number, Seasons more than makes up for its size by the members¹ ability to arrange music well, writing layer upon layer of harmony. . . . Along with being beautifully arranged, the album also has great variety, incorporating voice talent and the contribution of other musicians and instruments to create music that is simple and yet elegant."
Franciscan University Troubador

"The new CD by Seasons, Which Way to Dublin Town, hits the spot for the flavor and the feel of true Irish music. This collection of songs is a good combination of evocative, heart-wrenchingly tender songs and rollicking Irish favorites. . . . The CD gives you such a feeling of peace, joy and wonder at their energy and musicianship long after you¹ve turned off your player."
Grapevine Online (reprinted at CatholicMoms)


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